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Thursday night had the Rude Boys scrambling in after work to make it in time to Venue 114 to play a 1hr set, a corporate event for 'Loud & Clear' Foundation who are a friendship and support network for people with intellectual disability. A nicer group of people you couldn't meet! It was an amazing night and we were accompanied on stage by a drove of people dancing to our last song. All the support workers do amazing work in our community & we we're honoured to be part of it.

A vey emotional night.... all the feels!

Saturday night was huge gig to 5000 people at the Home of The Arts/Surfers Paradise....

Always fun & games ploughing through the sticky traffic from Sunny to Gold Coast! We arrived just in time for soundcheck & the stage looked amazing!

The first set seemed to whizz by in the blink of an eye, by set the second set, we had 'em all on their feet! Our mighty Horn section were in fine form, up to their usual antics, messing about on stage & occasionally running out into the audience to play a few notes! Big shout out to Rachael, Ben, Luke & all of the HOTA crew that do such a fantastic job with these events! Also massive thanks to our photographer & good friend Kim Grimley (check out @kjgphotos_photography - she's awesome... and lovely!)

NEXT up for the Sunny Coast Rude Boys

We're joined by GERALD for both gigs, check out this awesome band that will kick off both nights! Now...If you've read this far......thank you for your support!! We're looking forward to bringing you our new single that is being recorded in December!!

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