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40,000 views & rising! Feels Good!

Ska date 15/08/2023

Lots happening in the Rudies camp as they gear up for some much anticipated live gigs at the Thirsty Chiefs Brewery,North Lakes on Sat 26th August and the Kickass Music and Camping festival on Friday 8th September. Some new faces adding to the huge horn section will make this a fat sound and a massive skanking set for those lovers of Ska.

Our new song ‘Feels Good’ is still rising into the ‘skatosphere’!! A record number of music lovers watch the Rude Boys clowning around in their hometown on the Sunny Coast. Click here to see.....We have had Over 41,000 views (minimum 15 second view counts as a 'view') of our new music video, we are pleasantly surprised at the response we have had!

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Angus, Mick and Steve have had their heads down working on yet another new song called ‘Saturday Night’. Angus has cleverly arranged some horns around his initial dark, minor key melody while Steve and Mick tried to stimulate their remaining few brain cells using raw coffee beans to coax some half-clever lyrics out of their ever-diminishing vocabulary; (they tried channelling Hal David and Burt Bacharach but Shane McGowan and Paul Weller kept gate-crashing their séance.)

Needless to say, the lyrics so far include references to someone’s ex-girlfriend, shots of an unnamed liquor, loud people and a bouncer looking down his nose at you. The whole story of the song is based around one person’s typical Saturday night. It will be introduced to the horn section soon who will surely use their brass to polish it into another Rudies banger.

Keep your ears peeled for the video release of 'Saturday Night' in the next few months.

Skank on!

Steve the Bass.

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