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Behind the Scenes with The Sunny Coast Rude Boys!

A very quick Blog post for ya this time! We thought we'd start getting a bit more 'behind the scenes' content for you wonderful people that come along to our gigs, we'll start off with this bit of Soundcheck action at our recent Brisbane gig with BULLHORN at The Triffid.

So, Of a Saturday night, while you guys are getting home from work, or getting the family settled, or getting spruced up at home for the big night out, we'll generally be at a venue by 4 or 5pm, getting set up, making sure the sound is all sorted for all the wonderful Rudies fans to dance & skank the night away! We'll (hopefully) then grab something to eat, have a few beers & get on stage to entertain! Let us know your thoughts! Tell us what ya like, what ya don't like, what you'd prefer at the gigs.....

See you up the front! Big love to all! Mick SCRBoys

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