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Caloundra Music Festival! A Special kinda Madness!

SKA Date 02/10/2022

Yes, the Caloundra Music Festival has come and gone for another year. The Rude Boys were in high spirits (possibly from the espresso martinis) and the excitement was building outside the Sun Stage as the rain threatened to send everyone running for shelter. After a quick sound check we were ready and the rain let up just as we were about to launch into some dance-worthy skank tunes. A few bars into the first song and we had a packed dance floor. The horn section was in fine form blasting their fat sound into the swelling crowd and kicking their Doc Martins high overhead. Mick was his usual animated self dancing and telling stories while the rhythm section kept time with precise and driving beats. We stole a huge portion of the crowd from the main stage and some music industry heavyweights noticed how much fun we were generating and approached us to be part of an Australia-wide festival tour (yet to be finalized). The after party was a hoot!

Big thanks to the festival organizers and our stage crew who treated us with respect and professionalism. Also a big shout out to all the local sunny coast crew who came to dance and support the Rude Boys. Big love from all the Rudeez.

Next gig at the Mooloolaba foreshore opening on the 5th November. Big Love to all, Steve the Bass man. Pics - click here (Photo credit Kim Grimley)

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