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New Music Video 'Feels Good!'

SKA Date 4/3/2023

Our new song ‘Feels Good’ was cleverly arranged by Angus and we were ready to record. The rhythm section spent the morning putting down a few tracks and Mick put some guide vocals on in anticipation of the horn section arriving tomorrow. So far it all sounds and feels good. We also recorded an old classic by Ken Booth and Stranger Cole called ‘Artebella’ which is growing like an ear worm the more we listen to it. (Stranger Cole himself features on the single!) The horns arrived on Sunday with Annie Jackson and within a few hours we had a banging original and a new cover for our repertoire. The mix was sent to Nicki Bomba (of Melbourne Ska Orchestra) for mastering and he did a fine job. Both songs have been released online. Keep ya ears peeled.

SKA Date 13/5/2023

After much planning and organizing, the video shoot for our new song ‘Feels Good’ began on a rainy morning. Once all were present at the Bulcock St mural our videographer Josiah began capturing typical Rude Boys antics in the main street much to the amusement of passersby who thought they had seen ‘Cousin IT’ and a bunch of uniformed musicians waving brass instruments, guitars and drumsticks. We loaded into the kombi with Sam blasting his trumpet out the window, and drove to the iconic Steve Bordonaro mural where we managed to get a few clips in between the raindrops. The weather was not being kind to us but we pushed on and went to Moffat Beach for the finale. Kim Grimley took some amazing stills of the band frolicking like school kids on holidays. Wayne’s kilt was admired by the crowd who had gathered to watch us jump off the rocks onto the sand and play chicken with the waves on the beach. The final scene saw a few brave Rudies splash clumsily into the surf including Govi on his surfboard and Wayne brandishing his trombone. We all emerged with seaweed in our hair and big smiles on our faces, including Mika who was initially hesitant about the surf scene.

Just as we wrapped the last shot and fled to the fish and chip shop with a change of clothes, the heavens opened up and it poured solid for the rest of the day. Our first official Rude Boys video was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see the final director’s cut. Ska is the bollocks!

Since then we had a wonderful night with BULLHORN at The Triffid, Brisbane on Sat 10th June! 13 Rude boys on stage (including our full 7 piece horn section (& the wonderfully talented Trinidadian Steel Drum maestro Lennox Jordon joined us on loan from The Melbourne Ska Orchestra!). Next tup is the KickAss Festival in Kenilworth on Sept 8th, we will be joining a great line up including James Reyne, Ash Grunwald, The Beautiful Girls & our buddies & local legends Bearfoot & Fat Picnic! If you're looking for 2hrs of Sunny Coast Rude Boys ska on the Sunny Coast , we're at King Beach Tavern on Sat 28 Oct too! It will be a big night of dancing and the official launch of our new songs. Get ya tickets now because they are selling fast!!

Thank you all for your support & making the effort to come to these gigs to support live music! We loves ya!

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