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QLD Ska & Reggae Festival! with SUB-TRIBE & 7 of Ska!

SKA DATE 24/9/2022

The Rude Boys head south to conquer the Goldy and Brisbane with their unique ska-inspired dance music. The Home of The Arts is the chosen venue for this year’s International Ska and Reggae festival with headliners ‘Sub-Tribe’ and support by ‘Seven of Ska’ and of course the Rudeez. Jerk chicken and rice are washed down with some local ales and sound check is under way. The crowd is building outside in anticipation of a great evening of live music and dancing. DJ ‘Ruffneck Renegade’ is spinning Marley tunes and some carefully chosen two-tone favourites as the doors open. Some punters are already dancing as they skank in.

‘Seven of Ska’ hit the stage with their unique and well-crafted instrumental originals. These world class musicians get the crowd to their feet and warm them up for what is to come. Meanwhile, backstage, the espresso martinis are flowing and the horns are blowing. Annie counts to make sure all the Rudeez are backstage and she comes up with one extra; our most recent and youngest member of the Rude Boys entourage, Saibh. Photographer Kim Grimley is busy snapping pics in the green room and from all corners of the stage.

After huge applause for “Seven of Ska’, the ‘Sunny Coast Rude Boys’ file out onto the stage amidst cheering and calls of ‘Rude Boys, Rude Boys! ‘Right about now, we’re rocking back to Kingston,’ bup bup budda ba... The crowd closes in on the stage and moves to the music like rabbits in mating season; it is spring after all… Our special featured guest Jay Thomas joins us on stage to sing ‘Sweet Sensation’ and ‘Ivory Madonna’ in his soulful soaring voice. For the rest of the set the Rudeez crank out some originals and Ska favourites that has the crowd frothing and sweaty. Two encore songs later and we exit stage left for a well-earned beer.

‘Sub-Tribe’ are the headliners with their unique blend of dub-rap-reggae complimented by beautiful brass harmonies and clever techno loops. Hard core fans have come from afar to hear the tremendous voice of lead singer Ray. Huge favourites on the festival scene, ‘Sub-Tribe’ mesmerize the crowd who sway appreciatively with the down-beat music and insightful rap lyrics.

Big wraps to all the musos on the night and in less than twenty four hours we will do it again at The Mansfield Tavern.

Some rather sore and sorry heads emerged on Sunday morning at Mansfield mostly through self-inflicted late night shenanigans (again) and hundreds of kilometres of travel in poor traffic conditions. Nevertheless, as professional musicians, we were all present and accounted for and proceeded to blast our unique music into the intimate room full of appreciative fans. Espresso martinis again, always help somewhat with motivating enthusiasm and the crowd responded positively to our music. Big thanks to Mick for his unswerving dedication to making live music events come to fruition. Keep on skanking!

Next stop, Caloundra Music Festival, Sunday 2nd Oct on the Sun Stage @ 7:30pm.

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