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Rude Boys go to Childers!

SKA date 30/07/2022 8:30 a.m.

As the Rudeez rally at Aussie World for their 3 hour trip to the Childers festival, instruments are loaded on the Rude Bus and Clint dons his special party hat. Our driver, Greg, pulls in at Eumundi to collect Annie and the first of a series of espresso martinis is poured at 9 a.m. In high spirits washed down with cider and ale and two piss stops later, we roll into the unsuspecting country town of Childers. We take over the entire top floor of the Grand Hotel which has two pre-haunted rooms. Yay!

The 130 year old pub has creaky floorboards and a dangerous spiral staircase leading down to the bar and beer garden where we proceed to consume a generous lunch and several jugs of Furphy’s and ginger beer. A local muso thrashed out some great 70’s tunes on his 12 string while we digested the massive parmies and pizzas.

2 p.m. Sated and somewhat sedated we head to the main stage in single file carrying instruments like of mob of gangsters. A cane train runs past the back of the stage and blows its horn. Not to be outdone, the entire brass section picks the note and blasts it back at the train. Sound check is under way. As two policewomen walk towards the stage, Steve the Bass breaks into the Police song ‘Walking on the Moon’. Govi and Tony join in and Mick picks out some words but it doesn’t get the required reaction from the officers as they walk away oblivious to the pun. The sound crew makes adjustments as we play a few bits and pieces and then we launch into the newly written ‘Feels Good’ song (soon to be released) Sound check complete, we head back to the Grand where some of the older members have a nanna nap.

Dusk: (only 5/13 of the entourage have showered)

Yes, as the sun sets in the Wild West, black and white Rude creatures emerge onto the generous balcony shaking cocktails and popping beers. The excitement was building as the band stylist prepared spray cans and proceeded to transform Tony into Sully from Monsters Inc.; the driver Greg got a full purple wash and our front man went all out and sprayed a small amount of ginger above his left ear. The Rudeez were primed as we exited in single file down the dangerous staircase and out into the streets of Childers. Our talented photographer Kim was smiling wide.

People are milling towards the main stage and the atmosphere builds as we wait backstage for our introduction. At 7:45 we receive a warm welcome from Jake and Elwood “Please welcome, The Sunny Coast Rude Boys!” Mick instantly connects with the crowd while Wayne, Steve C and Sam kick high in the air. Annie and Phil are blowing up a sax storm as Govi keeps the beat thumping. We play “Beds are Burning’ ‘Dumb Things’ and a couple of originals. The crowd sings along with ‘Must be Love’ and suddenly our Fijian sister ‘Lovey’ is on stage showing how to move to the Rudeez music. Jake and Elwood invade the stage and dance then George and some of his dancers. ‘Lygon Street’ gets everyone moving and Angus is smiling big. Mick is skanking out the front; his hat ends up on Lovey’s head as she shakes her grooves across the stage and… Thank you all for coming! We exit the stage and cruise back to the Grand for much needed refreshments. It’s only 9 o’clock. The downstairs bar is full tilt with a mega loud duo as we top up on Guinness, bourbon and jaeger shots.

From our perch on the verandah of the Grand we can see and hear a rock band playing at the Federal Hotel across the road. It must be 150 decibels but they are doing a great job and we begin to applaud and whistle because we can’t hear our own blue tooth speaker in front of us. We watch the late night antics of Childers as the police arrive, someone falls out the door of the Federal and an angry girlfriend berates her numbnuts boyfriend and pushes him up the street.

We came to Childers; we partied and we chilled. It was at least 3a.m before the last Rudee fell.

SKA Date 31/7/2022 Early

At some ungodly hour we were woken by really loud music from the downstairs bar. Angus was already well caffeinated by the time Tony and Steve E joined him for a jaunt along the main street which was filled end to end with market stalls. Forty thousand people had descended on this small town for the festival and Kate Ceberano was due to sing at midday. Once we were breakfasted and loaded Kim managed to get a parting photo of the entourage with our newly acquired mascot Stewart the goat. Thank you Childers!

The trip home was a little more sedate than normal but Mick managed to find some great versions of ‘Take me home country road’ for us all to sing which is one of Annie’s favourites. She sang along enthusiastically in a purposefully out -of- tune squawk which was worthy of a viral Tic Toc post.

A seven hour bus trip, an hour of skanking music and dozens of martini-fuelled shenanigans saw us return safely to Aussie World. Big thanks to Mick for his massive efforts to get us there and make us all feel like rock stars.

Apparently, the ghosts were scared out of their room and have lodged at the Federal Hotel.

Seeya soon, Steve the Bass.

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Mansfield Tavern 25/09/2022

Caloundra Music Festival 2/10/2022 Sun stage 7:30 p.m.

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