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So, .....we got on a Spotify Playlist!

So, following on from our recent single 'Feels Good!" going so well for us, we somehow have managed to get ourselves on a'Best of Ska' spotify playlist (based in the UK) , which boosts our band up to 5000+ monthly Spotify listeners!

There's so much involved these days, being an unsigned band! The constant promo, instagram,

tik tok, spending lots of $ on facebook advertising, making/writing original music, making music videos, organising gigs/tours, rehearsing, performing, hustling, getting rejected, hustling more (occasionally getting booked!) then hustling some's relentless! So when we get some nice feedback about our new single & we know that there are 5000+ people (every month, somewhere in the world) listening to our music, it.... well, it FEELS GOOD!

In other 'Rude Boys' news; *We are working hard on some more new original songs. Once a couple more are completed (that are already in the pipeline), we will soon be able to play a 45min/1hr 'festival set' of all original Sunny Coast Ska music! That's our next goal.

*Wayne (our magnificent mowhawked trombone maestro!) is on tour with BAD MANNERS around Australia, so we have the massively talented Adam Haks from FIESTA FIASCO replacing him for a couple of gigs!

*Mick & Sive from SCRBoys played a few songs with the wonderful MELBOURNE SKA ORCHESTRA at CALOUNDRA MUSIC FESTIVAL last weekend, which was awesome!

*Big SKA gig being lined up in February 2024 at THE TRIFFID, Brisbane... details soon!

*We're also shaping up for the next run of QLD gigs, Thurs 12 Oct #venue114 #Kawana

Sat 14 Oct #hota #GoldCoast

So keep being awesome, We'd love to see you at the front, pop up, say hello!

We love meeting you all! Big love, Mick Rudy.

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