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Ska date 30/06/22

After a late cancellation of the Mooloolaba Foreshore gig, the Rudies got together at Caloundra HQ to work on the latest original song.

Thanks to Angus's tireless efforts we had a killer groove to work with and as the rhythm section pumped out a few versions, Annie set to the task of arranging the horns into an incredible array of ear candy that is a signature of Rude Boys tunes.

Mick experimented with some hastily scribbled lyrics and melodies which seemed to gel after a few runs through the song and, lo and behold, the embryo of another iconic Rude Boy's tune is about to be launched into the musical ether. It's a banger too!

Needless to say, we were all excited at the result which came together in just a few hours.

Our next gig is headlining the Childers Festival on the 30th July. Come and join us for a fun weekend of music and shenanigans and keep up to date on the website with our forthcoming shows on the Sunny Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Keep on skanking Rudies. Big love.

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